Oils and Chemicals

Refrigeration Oils / lubricants help you keep air conditioning and refrigeration units in top operating condition. Lubricants are the lifeblood of a refrigeration system. They mix with the refrigerant used in the system, so it’s important to use a compatible lubricant. Choose from alkylbenzenes, polyol esters, synthetic, semi-synthetic and other refrigerant compressor oils. Check out this selection of refrigeration lubricants at Chiller Parts to find the one that’s right for your refrigeration system.

Oil function is not only lubrication. Many other parameters should be controlled. Viscosity is critical to make sure the oil film will resist high temperatures and oil dilution due to the presence of refrigerant. Anti-wear additives will help prevent compressor failure. Oil chemistry is critical in managing refrigeration applications and in ensuring proper circulation and oil return to the compressor.

HVAC maintenance chemicals include coil cleaners, mineral & synthetic refrigeration oils, color-coded cooling water treatment & ice machine cleaners.

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