MOD02092 Dynaview Module

Trane Chiller Tracer™ CH530 Dynaview Control Module, Chiller Controller, Controls Interface (Programming Required)


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Trane MOD02092 Module; Dynaview, With Display Cover Door (X13650827-007)

Chiller Controller Module; Dynaview Trane MOD02092 details;

  • Trane Chiller Tracer™ CH530 Dynaview Control Module, Chiller Controller, Controls Interface (Programming Required)
  • Original Trane OEM Components
  • Trane Part Number: MOD02092
  • Model Number: X13650827070 / X13650827-070 / X13650827007 / X13650827-007
  • Commonly Used on Trane AquaStream, CenTraVac®, Series R™ Chiller Models
  • Replaces / Supersedes: MOD00033C, MOD00033, MOD01116, MOD01404 , MOD01490, MOD1490, MOD-01490, MOD-2092, MOD-02092, MOD2092

Trane chiller documentation download links for the Starter Board;

Tracer™ CH530

Trane Tracer™ CH530 is a chiller-controller technology developed by Trane for use on large chiller products and serviced with a laptop-based tool called “TechView”. TechView is a Trane application developed to minimize chiller downtime and aid the technician.

Tracer CH530 is a predictive controller that anticipates and compensates for load changes. Tracer CH530 constantly receives information about key data parameters, temperatures and current. Every five seconds a multiple objective algorithm compares each parameter to its programmed limit. The chiller’s Adaptive Control™ capabilities maintain overall system performance by keeping its peak efficiency. Whenever the controller senses a situation that might trigger a protective shutdown, it focuses on bringing the critical parameter back into control.

We recommend that any Tracer CH530 service functions should be performed only by a properly trained GSD HVAC service technician. Please contact us for assistance with any Tracer CH530 service requirements.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 15 cm
Unit Brand


Unit Models

CGAM – AquaStream 3G™, CGAN AquaStream 2, CVGF – CenTraVac™, CVHE – CenTraVac™, CVHG – CenTraVac™, CXAM – AquaStream 3G™, CXAN AquaStream 2, RTAC – Series R™, RTHD Evo – Series R™, RTUD – Series R™, RTWD – Series R™

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Controls, Controls Interface


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